The minute any waste comes into our transfer stations it is SORTED into types enabling efficient recycling.

General Waste

General waste is burnt at 950o C; the heat generated is used to turn water into steam which turns a high pressure turbine to power an electric generator.

Waste from MJ Church generated enough electricity to power 10,500 homes in 2016!


Over 100 tonnes of paper and cardboard every month is bailed and sent to recyclers both in the UK and China.


Colour separated and sent to recyclers in both England and Wales. The plastics are processed into fines granules which are used in a huge variety of recycled products. PVC windows are separated and sent for processing back into PVC window profiles.

Green waste

Sent to a local recycler who biodegraded the green waste in a 12 week process to produce compost.


We crush hardcore at our own facility to make recycled aggregates for use in construction.


All wood is shredded to produce chipboard, equestrian, landscaping and animal bedding products. Waste wood is also used as fuel for biomass boilers producing heat and energy.


Recycled back into the plasterboard production process making new plasterboard products.


Colour separated and sent to glass recyclers in Swindon, Wiltshire.


Metal that we recieve is first graded into types, and then recycled locally.