How should I load the skip?

To ensure maximum value from your skip plan the filling:

  • Dismantle bulky items, just ensure you have the correct tools and protection.
  • Don’t over fill the skip or have large items protruding from the side or top of the skip, the skip must be of a level load ready for collection. Overfilled skips could result in refusal of collection as we are limited by weights and also safety on the roads



What size truck will deliver my skip?

Our 2,4,6 and 10 yard skips are delivered on 12 or 18 tonne, 4 wheel HGV trucks. Roll on roll off bins are delivered on an 8 wheeled 18 tonne HGV

They are, by design very manoeuvrable and the drivers are very competent, nevertheless they cannot perform miracles and we ask that you please make sure that you have sufficient access to your property. We need no less than 9 ft in width and no less than 11 ft in height to enable us to drop the skip safely.


Please call our office on 01225 891591 to discuss the sizes (18 & 40 Yard) for our Roll-on Roll off Truck as it requires a good deal more space.

Where can I have a skip dropped?

Skips cannot be placed on the highway without a permit, correct signage and lights. Please contact us if you cannot find a suitable off road location and we will do our best to help you get a skip licence from the local authority. Alternatively, we may be able to organise a wait and load facility. We also now have a waste collection service –, a quick and easy means of getting rid of waste. Our team will collect up to 1 tonnes of waste in a smaller van, for further information please call 01225 894238.

How long can I keep the skip?

We hire our skips out on a two-week basis. In certain circumstances it is possible to extend this period but not without prior arrangement. Once the two-week period is up we reserve the right to collect the skip without notice.

Do I require a permit?

If your skip is going to be located on a public road, or any council owned property including grass verges, by law you will require a skip hire permit to allow this to happen. We will arrange this for you as part of the skip hire process, indicate on your order if permit is required.

What precautions can I take to avoid damage to my driveway?

Skips can be put on most domestic driveways without problems. However certain types of driveways i.e. block paved or tarmac drives can occasionally be marked either by the skip itself or the jack legs on the truck which are needed to steady the vehicle on collection. This can normally be avoided by positioning either scaffold planks or a sheet of substantial wood where the skip is to be dropped. The driver will always put blocks of wood under his jack legs to try to minimise any marking but occasionally it still can occur. We unfortunately cannot accept any responsibility for this once off the public highway but will do all within our power to avoid it.

Can I get discount for inert materials?

We offer two different types of discounted skip.

  • Hardcore only, for example bricks blocks and concrete
  • Soil and Stone which can either be soils only (excluding clay) or a mix of soil and Hardcore.

These reduced price skips are strictly for these materials only and it is your responsibility to ensure that nothing else is included. If other materials are found either by the driver on collection or at the recycling centre upon tipping it will be your responsibility either to retrieve those items if possible or pay the difference to change the use of the bin.